How to get pink lips. How to get rid of Chapped lips. permanently at Home step by step

 How To Get Pink Soft Lips :

Six steps Lip Care For Dark And Chapped Lips

Hey, do you have chapped lips and you really want to get rid of them and you really want beautiful moisturize soft lips or maybe your lips are just not even. I mean they are more like blackish and you want pink lips. I know if the lips are more chapped and uneven your face looks really tired or sick. You also can't apply a proper lipstick or lipgloss because of your rough chapped lips, So in the end chapped lips sucks in all way. But l have a solution to make your lips look soft, moisturize, pinkish and beautiful. 

I have tried this lip care personally it was really effective and now it's just part of my skincare which I do twice or thrice a week. At first I was doing it daily because my lips were really needy of some extra lip care steps but now I don't have to do it daily. I just do one step daily and that is applying a chapstick which is most important. This step is a always a part of my skincare but even that sometimes we need some extra care.


Ice Cubes 

Just take one ice cube and rub it all over your lips. This will improve your blood circulation, helps in reducing inflammation and make your lips soft.



Take a lemon cut into half and rub it on your lips for 2 minutes and then clean it with wipes or soft cloth but it. Lemon will help you to lighten your dark lips. This is really my favourite and best ingredients that helps to lighten dark lips.


Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs are good to exfoliate your lips gently, they also remove dead dry skin from your lips and make your lips soft, smoother and hydrated. Exfoliate it in circulation motion and make sure to cover every single part.


 Sheet Mask

Sheet Masks are good source of moisturization and hydration. Sheet masks are also good for lightening dark lips. There are variety of masks and variety of flavours that are available for lip care. You can use any of your favourite one. 


Lip Mask

Now you want deep moisturization and for that l use LANEIGE LIP SLEEP MASK. This is my favourite product for lip care. This will provide you more deeper moisturization

 compared to other ordinary lip balms and after scrubing your lips it's compulsory to moisturize your lips. Apply an even layer of this mask all over your lips. Make sure that you are covering every single part of your lips. You can use this lip mask over night and you can also remove it after 10/15 minutes just like me. Actually there's something else that I apply after this.


Lip moisturizer

I prefer oil based moisturizer specially at night rather than a balm chapstick. Oil moisturizer are more better compared to other balm moisturizers. Oil gives you deeper moisturization and stay on lips for longer time. You can easily buy oil based lip moisturizers from market and you can also make at your home. It's just so simple and easy. You can search on YouTube there a lot of videos that are available on YouTube. In the day time I like to use Nivea Lip Balm. It's literally one of my favourite daytime lip balm and I am using it since l was little 10 years old girl.

These are the six steps, you can use to make your lips pink, soft and beautiful. You can use these steps twice or thrice a week just according to your lips situation. In the starting you can use it more than thrice and when your lips will get better than you can use these all six steps twice or thrice a week . There are also some steps that you can use on daily basis like rubbing ice cubes, LANEIGE LIP SLEEP MASK. You can use this mask over night also.

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