How to get rid of oily skin care tips and routine


Acne Care For Oilyskin

If you have an acne prone skin and you really want to get rid of it, you have used a lot of products but they didn't work really well on your skin or maybe you even don't have a skincare routine according to your skin type. You don't know how and which products you should use to clear your acne. If you are looking for a skincare routine for acne and you have skin then l' m here to help you with this problem. This is a proper skincare routine for acne of oily skin type.

I'm gonna tell you some of the products which I have used when my skin condition was not so good and l had acne all over face but after adding some products that are made for acne of oily skin, my skin started getting better day by day. Some of the products l'm still using so that I won't have that previous skin again. If you have acne then It's really important to keep using few products for acne even if you have cure your acne. I still get acne when l apply a lot make and specially when it's summer because of my oily skin but they are not so terrible and I won't get all over my face and this is because l still use some products to prevent acne. I am a fan of rotating my skincare products in and out according to the seasons and my skin condition.

Maybe you already know about this, that something which is right for my skin or someone else's skin might not be right for your skin. But the routine I build for you today will help you to get an understanding that how these products fit together and how you can pair them up with other products. Most important thing if you are starting a new skincare routine then start with a really basic skincare so that you can slowly get used to it and not too irritate it. As your skin tolerate these products.


Always choose a foaming cleanser and not oil based cleanser if you have oily skin. They are specially formulated for removing excess oil from face and if you have dryskin skin then this isn't your problem. They are good for oily skin type and not for sensitive or dry skin type. One of my favourite foaming cleanser for acne is CeraVe Foaming Cleanser. It is affordable effective and gentle on skin. It has Niacinamide which is great for acne and some more effective ingredients.


Toner is good for balancing your skin's pH. It also helps in calming your skin. This Belif Problem Solution Toner is one l have used before and it did a great work on my skin. This is fragrance free which is most important, like just don't use products with fragrances. Products with fragrances can irritate your skin. Most of the time they won't suit our skin. If you have acne skin then it's better not to use at all.

Spot Treatment

For this l use paula's choice benzoyl peroxide. It has 2.5 strength. Apply a small layer on your skin by tapping and then let it completely dry and absorb in.


Moisturizer is most convenient for every skin type whether if you have oily, sensitive, dry or combination skin. Moisturizers fight against environmental stress, prevent wrinkles, makes skin soft, comfort tired skin and calm down skin rashes.This is extremely important for keeping the skin barrier healthy and healthy skin is important for acne because if you will be applying medications so this can irritate your skin. I hope this will motivate you to wear moisturizer on daily basis. For moisturizer you can use CETAPHIL DERMACONTROL Oil Absorbing Moisturizer with SPF. It's lightweight oil free Moisturizer with sunscreen and it's really good if you have oilyskin. Apply a little amount on your face. 


But if you are going out for a really long time then you your skin will need an additional sunscreen. For this l will recommend you this Neutrogena Clearskin Sunscreen. It is oil free, lightweight sunscreen which protects you from harmful sun rays and best for oily skin type.

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