How to clear acne. Homemade remedies for clear skin.

Effective Homemade Remedies To Clear Acne:

Acne is one of the most common skin issue that we have to go through in our adult age. We try to cure our acne with a lot of different products. There are a lot of acne products that we have used or we are using and l know they can be quite expensive. But there are several ways to remove your acne or pimple by homemade remedies and they are also not too expensive to use. These ingredients are easily available at your home.

I have acne prone skin and for that l use proper skincare routine. So, l don't have to face acne all the time on face but still when l use a lot of makeup or whenever I stop taking care of my skin, l started getting acne on my face and for that l use effective Homemade Remedies to clear my face acne. 

These homemade remedies are really good but one thing that is most important, you know what? Lemme tell you. I'm talking about a proper skincare routine according to your skin type. It's really important to take care of your skin daily basis because your skin fights with bacteria, harmful sun rays, rough weather, throughout the whole day. So, it's our responsibility to care of it. The more earlier you start your skincare routine, the better but it's never too late to adopt good habits.

These remedies are really easy to make and effective for acne prone skin. You can use these remedies if you want to disappear your acne.



Ice Cube

As we all know that dirt and bacteria on our face can lead to acne and for this there are some antibacterial ingredients that can help you with acne issues. 

One of the best antibacterial ingredient for acne is tea tree oil. It can be harsh if you will apply directly on your skin. 

So, how can we use?

‌Take 1/2 cup water add 3 tbsp aloe Vera gel, 8 to 10 drops of tea tree oil mix them and pour into an ice tray, put it in freezer. After they are freeze properly you can use these ice cube at night and morning after cleansing just rub ice cubes over the problematic area.


Green Tea

‌This remedy inudes one ingredient and that is green tea. There are a lot of products in market that includes green tea

‌just like green tea face wash, green tea toner etc. But they are way too expensive so there's no need to spend thousands of dollars if you can't afford you can simply make at your home. 

So green Tea Toner is really good for acne prone skin. It calms your angry acne and then make it disappear

Make a green tea as we normally make then keep it in fridge to cool down a little bit, and once when it's cool filled up in a spray bottle and use it twice a day. You can also add a drop of lavender oil in it.



Honey is really good for hydration but it doesn't stop there it also have antibacterial properties which can fight your acne. Just apply a spot of honey on your Pimple and then leave it overnight. 


Honey & Turmeric

For more better results add turmeric in honey and just apply a spot on your acne. Don't use this all over your skin just a spot on your problematic areas and that's it. Applying all over your face can irritate your skin. There's no evidence that this remedy suits which skin type so, at first it's better to apply on a single pimple and if it won't irritate your skin then you can use it. 

There's an advise before using any Skincare D.I.Y first use that remedy on a small problematic area and if it won't harm or irritate your skin then you can use on your skin. But first check that remedy if it is suitable for your skin or not.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is really good for skin. Aloe Vera includes different beneficial properties. It moisturize your skin without giving a greasy feel. It tightens your skin, fights acne and there are a lot more advantages of

Aloe Vera. It is one of the best ingredient for any skin type.



There are a lot of ways to use lemon on your skin. It is one of the best ingredient that fights acne. But sometimes it can irritate your skin if you are not using it in a right way.


How to use lemon for acne?

Cut a lemon into half then dip a cotton bud into lemon and apply just on your problematic area. Just apply for few seconds and then rinse it off with Lukewarm water. I won't suggest you to use this overnight or for 5,6 hours, specially if you have sensitive skin. As I told you before first check on single spot and if it won't irritate your skin then use it otherwise, three's no need to use.

So, these are few homemade remedies that will help you to get clear skin. But don't forget my advice. One thing more let me share one of my favourite remedy. It's green tea toner. Also don't forget to tell me your favourite remedy in comment box. It will motivate me to bring more helpful content like this. 

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