Five most effective Trick Method to shrink pores Permanently

5 effective Homemade Remedies To Shrink Pores:

Having pores is a most common skin problem. They can make your skin look a lot dull. Pores are actually caused by oily skin. You can face some common skin problems because of pores just like blackheads and whiteheads. Pores also accumulate dirt and become clogged which further leads to the excess production of sebum. So, if you have pores and you are finding solutions to shrink your pores so that they won't lead to other skin problems.

But on the other you know pores also hydrates our skin so we want them but not large pores. Large pores are reason for multiple skin problems. So what we should do is to just shrink them. so they help our skin to hydrate and not to cause problems. 

 Then l have few homemade remedies that can really help you to shrink your pores at home and without using harsh chemicals on your face. Homemade remedies are better if you have sensitive skin and works without irritating your skin. Let's have a look on these homemade remedies for your pores.

Remedy #1

Egg white

a bowl. Put your egg white stir it well and apply on your face as a mask. Egg white is rich in protein and has a lot of benefits. It tightens your skin, reduces enlarged pores, controls excess oil and also fights acne. Litterally just one cheap egg can solve your maximum problems. I used this twice in a week and it works well. You can use according to your skin condition.

Remedy #2

Banana Peel

Take a banana peel and gently rub the inner side of it on your face. Kindly be gentle with your skin and don't rub it harshly on your skin. Leave for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold or room temperature water. It will help you to reduce wrinkles, cure acne, and will reduce enlarged pores you have. Banana also works as a UV protection for your skin and it also enhance your glow. You can use it. It's really easy and affordable to use and it won't irritate your skin.



This toner includes two ingredients apple cider vinegar and rose water. Take equal amount of rose water and apple cider vinegar, mix them well and filled in a spray bottle you can store this toner in your fridge.
After cleansing pour it onto a cotton pad and gently sweep onto dry face. You can use this twice in a day for more better results. It balances the skin's pH, stimulates circulation, works on pores, exfoliates and fights acne causing bacteria.

Apple cide vinegar can irritate your skin sometimes so if you have sensitive skin then take more amount of water and less amount of apple cider vinegar.

Remedy #4

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is really good to shrink your pores. Aloe Vera helps in hydrating your skin and also shrink enlarged pores. It controls excess oil on your skin which can cause acne. 

Remedy #5


Papaya works as a cleansing which unclogged your pores. When pores are unclogged so they are not a lot visible on your skin. So, papaya is really good for your skin and it also makes your skin even. 

These are the five homemade remedies which can help you with different skin problems like enlarged pores, acne, excess oil, wrinkles etc. They are not too expensive that we cannot buy them these items are mostly available at our homes and if they are not then you can probably buy.

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