Dry skin treatment step by step at home

Basic And Effective Skincare For Dryskin :

Skincare is all about right products that suits our skin type and the way we are using them or how gently we are applying them on our skin. All these things make an effective and healthy skincare routine which makes our skin look healthy, glowing, fresh and gorgeous.

Let's discuss about dryskin today and How can we fix dryskin in easy 5 steps. These 5 simple and basic steps will help your skin feel better hydrated healthy and beautiful.           

And after once your skin will get better hydrated and healthy skin by these following basic 5 steps then you can specifically focus on the products that you need for specific treatments like aging, dark spots, scars, fine lines etc. But while treating any of this skin issues you have to keep one thing in your mind and that is your skin type. Choosing products don't suit your skin type can lead to dry, and dull skin.

 I'm giving you a check list, you need to make sure that you can check each of the boxes to ensure that you are helping your skin and not damaging by using the products that don't suit your skin conditions. So, keep these things in your mind whenever you are buying products for your skin.

I'm gonna tell you how to fix your dry skin without spending a fortune on it. I focus on  products with key ingredients for good skincare routine that are accessible, effective and easy to follow. I' m gonna tell you everything step by step that will simplify your skincare routine. These are really simple, important and basic steps that you should know as a dryskin type person. These steps will help you to choose right products for your effective skincare routine.

Step #1


Cleansing is one the most important step in skincare routine. Cleansers help to remove makeup and dirt on our skin. Before applying any product on your skin first do some cleansing. The cleanser you are using should be according to your skin types. 

While buying a cleanser for dryskin make sure to choose a cleanser with right pH. To keep your skin balance, choose a cleanser that closely matches your skin condition.The pH of skin is slightly acidic, so you don't want any alkaline cleansers.

Choose a cleanser which is specifically made for dryskin. The one labelled with "creamy" or "Hydrated" cleanser. Do not choose a Foaming Cleanser. Foaming cleansers are made to remove excess oil from your skin and this is not a problem for dryskin. Foaming cleansers can make your skin more dry.


Pat Dry Your Face

Pat your face dry with a soft cloth or towel after you are done cleansing. Many people do this mistake they rub their face with a harsh cloth but this can lead to skin damage. So, make sure the cloth you are using to dry your skin is soft and you will pat on your skin to dry. Do not rub any cloth on your skin. Just pat, pat and pat. That's it.

I like to use and highly recommend cotton facial clothes. They are for single use. This is just to ensures that you are getting the most gentle treatment for your skin. Hand clothes are not only rough but they also have bacteria even when they are freshed out of the laundry. So, it's more to use cotton facial clothes.



If you really want to fix your dry skin then make sure that you are using a correct moisturizer and applying it properly on your skin. As l wrote above that l focus on affordable products. So, litterally there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a moisturizer just to achieve hydrated skin. You an still achieve with little and affordable amount.

Choose a moisturizer with right consistency. For dryskin choose a moisturizer with more thick consistency. If you have dryskin then you should use cream and not lotion. Lotions are more water based while creams are more thick in consistency because they are made up of more oil and less water. So, for dryskin types creams are more better as compare to lotions and keep you hydrated through out the day.


 Here are some key ingredientds that you should check before buying a moisturizer for dryskin. Choose a moist with some hero ingredients like Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide and l also highly highly recommend fragrance free Moisturizer because less chemicals means less irritation.


Apply Moisturizer On Damp Skin

Apply moist on damp skin because damp skin absorbs moisturizer so much more faster and it's more effective for a dryskin. So, apply your moisturizer immediately after cleansing and pat dry your face.


A product with Hyaluronic Acid

Most important and effective step. As l told you before that you should use moisturizer that includes hyaluronic acid. But if you want super boost then you can add one more product that is highly concentrated on hyaluronic acid. You can use a serum which includes high amount of hyaluronic acid. So, after cleansing and pat dry your face use a serum and then use your moisturizer for super boost.

These are the 5 steps which are quite easy and basics of dry skincare. If you have dryskin then you should know about this really basic skincare information. These steps will help you to choose better products according to your skin type. 

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