Pinterest Account Suspension Unblock Tips Easily In just 1 day

 Pinterest Account Suspension

Is your Pinterest account is suspended for violating their community guidelines, for spam or for no reason at all.

Few days ago I received an email from Pinterest that your account is suspended for spam and I was like WHAT? I mean there was not a single reason to suspend my account. I was literally really tensed at that time. So, Now what?

Getting banned from Pinterest doesn't mean to losing access to your Pinterest boards but it also means losing all the traffic.

So, if your Pinterest account is suspended for spam or for no reason then you don't have to worry at all. You can still reactivate your account as I did when my account was suspend. It's really easy.

Now let's look at the steps you need to take to get your Pinterest account back.

First Step

First you have to calm down and that's it. You don't have to worry at all. It's easy to get back your account. You just have to appeal them in a polite way.

Second Step

Go to Pinterest Help Centre Contact Page

Select the issue it could be account suspension or Pinterest blocked my account

Account Suspension

Account suspension means that you don't have access to your account but all of your pins link to your site are still active they can keep bringing you traffic until the situation is resolved.

Account Blocked

Account blocked can be a little big problem. it has much stronger effect on your Pinterest traffic . This situation is little weird because in this situation you still have access to your account. People can still find your profile but at the same time your links to your domain are broken and people are getting warning that this user has blocked on Pinterest.

Third Step

Email to 

Creators support is specifically made to help Pinterest users to alleged bloggers or content creators

Ask their help to reactivate your account. Describe your issue and also apologize to them if you have done anything wrong or spam. Try to be polite even if that was not your mistake. 

Pinterest team can take few days to reply and yeah they don't reply on holidays so that might add up a little more extra days of expectations.

I sent them an email on Monday then I got my first reply after few hours which was:

It seems like your Pinterest account has suspended and you want to reactivate it. We will review your account and you will get your answer after few days. Then after 4 days I got my second reply from them finally and that was:

Your Pinterest account is reactivated and they also admitted their mistake.

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